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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 15, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> the count goes on. reform candidate leads the presidential race and iran -- .n iran hello from delhi. this is the world news from al jazeera. too little, too late. serious's opposition asks for military help after the u.s. decides to send small weapons -- opposition.ria's
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children in south africa playing one of the most important games of their lives. hello, everyone. the reform candidate is leading election,s for iran's the only reformist amongst for other conservative candidates. this is where we are at the moment -- around 40% of the ballots counted. he has almost 50% of the vote. that's all he needs -- 50% plus one, a simple majority -- to win this election. the latest now from tehran. counting is underway in an election to choose who will be iran's president for the next four years. polling stations stay open an extra five hours to deal with the high turnout. state tv is reporting around
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80% of eligible voters have cast their ballots. the former nuclear negotiator has a clear lead. he's considered a reformist among the other candidates. toneeds 50% plus one vote avoid a runoff, and he is well ahead of his nearest contender. as results continue to be counted, the conservative nuclear negotiator has dropped to fourth place. many reform-minded iranians say they are tired of the years of western-imposed sanctions over the country's nuclear program. >> surely this kind of rogue ram should be changed. you know how tough it is for people. people suffer from high prices. it's getting worse and worse. i want sanctions to be lifted. >> many voters are looking to rowhani as a way of having the
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voices heard. he was the head of the supreme international security council and became a nuclear envoy in 2003. favoringe the numbers hassan he early in the count, he is being cautious. in 2009, when some candidates declared victory before all the ballots were counted, but he's waiting until official results before making a statement. >> it's the supreme leader who has the real power i and iran, would not be insignificant. it would put a candidate in power who says he wants to reach out to the west. >> and iranian-american author and journalist joins us in the studio. what do you make of this?
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when you get such a strong lead like that very early on. >> i think it is indicative of a probable win for mr. rowhani. even some of the hard-line news media outlets and iran are calling it for him. that is unusual. >> if you do not mind interrupting you because we were discussing this off air earlier, the fact that we do not have anything more than these numbers, we are not looking at a geographical breakdown. >> we do not know where the numbers are coming from exactly, but certainly some people in iranian state media probably do know where the numbers are coming from. better than we do, anyway. the indications are they are slowly rolling out this news that yes, indeed, hassan rowhani seems to be the
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probable winner. the fact that they are rolling it out slowly, certainly compared to 2009, but they are rolling out slowly, partially because they do not want parties on the streets or spontaneous elevations from the people who were green and are now purple. >> they have been very conscious of keeping a lid on it. >> i think there will still be some celebration that will allow people to let off some steam. i do not think you will see people with batons beating people up for celebrating on the streets, but i think if you see some real excess like fireworks and rockthrowing, you could potentially see that. >> how different a phase do you think of before iran? you have the president elected, but you still have the layer of leadership above him who makes the big calls. >> they make the big calls on issues we are concerned with -- the nuclear policy, which has
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been the focus for the last 10 years, for the united states, anyway, and for western europe as well, and even some of the arab states, and foreign-policy in general, national security issues. that said, it's funny because when the last reformist that was in office was in office, everybody discounted him as not having any power, so did not matter. he was a nice guy, but it did not matter. then come along comes mr. ahmadinejad, firebrand with all his rhetoric, and suddenly, he's the man who wants to build a nuclear weapon and drop it on tel aviv. it does not make any sense. you are already hearing naysayers saying that he does not really have power. the truth is somewhere in between. he does not have complete power. it's not as black and white as we sometimes imagine it to be. he does not have a lot of power, but he can bring about quite a bit of change. in terms of the campaign and
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how he has managed to bring these voters to the polls to vote for him, over someone like the current mayor of tehran, who was also very comfortable yesterday saying that perhaps he could win because he has been essentially campaigning for the last two years -- i think it and a couple of other candidates representing in the debate, all except for one candidate who did not represent change, who is performing very badly. i think the candidate that represented hope and change -- maybe he took a page out of obama's playbook. they are not under any illusions that there will be a wholesale change and suddenly tomorrow, everything will be perfect -- we do not expect that. obama actually said a great , that thegreat thing state is not turned on a dime,
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and i think the iranians are sophisticated enough to know that. >> thank you. we need to deal with some breaking news out of pakistan. at least 11 female students killed in a bus bombing at a university and at least 20 others injured. some are said to be in critical condition. we are on the line with the bureau chief of the television station. tell us what you know. can you hear me? ok, cannot hear at the moment. we are going to try again at the moment. these are pictures coming out of twitter. as we mentioned, a bus calming, at least 11 the male students killed. we will try to get more on that in a second. there has been an attack the headquarters of special forces in libya's second city. that has killed at least four soldiers and one civilian. heavy gunfire and explosions
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could be heard in the early hours of saturday morning in benghazi. he hours earlier, dozens of protesters attacked a brigade of rebel fighters. vehicles were burned before but testers headed to the barracks. more than 30 people were killed in benghazi last week. activists in turkey have released a statement saying they will not end their protest in istanbul despite concessions from the government. hundreds of people are still camping out to protest against the development in the area. the turkish prime minister has promised he will delay the project until a court ruling. appealingpposition for more help following the united states decision to send in small weapons -- serial -- syria's opposition. >> these pictures are not from an old war. rebel writers in syria are
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trying to hold their ground in aleppo by using whatever they have -- rebel writers -- rebel fighters. they want to ensure the regime troops have not made it inside. strikers are using modified rifles to stop government forces from entering the neighborhood considered the gateway to ancient aleppo. >> the area under our control is a problem for the regime. welcomed the have u.s. decision to send in small arms, but they say it will not be enough. they also want a no-fly zone and antiaircraft missiles. >> we are waiting now for a big offensive and aleppo.
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we are now in most need, and we hope our friends will not leave us alone. >> rebels doubt their chances of success without heavy weapons. at these makeshift workshops, the fighters continue to repair the weapons they seize, but this requires money, and they say they need more of it. the free syrian army lacks communication systems and weapons to advance with, and we move forward with little in hand. >> meetings between the rebel command and international powers are continuing in turkey. but for the fighters, firing each rocket reminds them they are opposing a bigger and better-equipped army. go back to theo story out of pakistan.
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the bus bombing, first of all, has killed at least 11 female students, and we just heard about a second blast at the emergency ward of the medical center where they have been taken. withe going to try again the bureau chief of dawn tv. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> can you tell me what more you know? >> a while ago, there was a huge blast in pakistan. according to the police chief, the bomb was meant for students and teachers inside the
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university. .here was a huge blast 11 students have been killed, and more than 20 students have sustained serious wounds. due to the intensity of this powerful explosion [inaudible] in cities and classrooms. they were also smashed. the bus also caught on fire. at this point in time, a huge contingent of law enforcement
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has gathered around the site of .he explosion [inaudible] , also followed by firing.ring -- aerial there was also a second blast as well. we have no information regarding the second blast. >> ok, great to talk to you. i will leave it there, given that the line is not great. just to remind viewers who did not catch everything we got there -- authorities are saying unknown militants planted a bomb inside a bus, and that bomb has gone off and killed at least ,1 students -- female students followed by firing into the air, and then a second blast now at
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the medical complex where the people targeted on the bus were taken. the complete sequence of the vince would seem linked. still looking for more information on that. -- the complete sequence of events. to talk aboutack thousands of people fleeing the .ilitary offense in nigeria in the limelight, china's asked growing film industry taking center stage. fast-growing film industry taking center stage. two bombs have exploded in pakistan, killing at least 11 female students. the first targeted a bus close to a university. the second went up at the hospital where the injured students have been treated. hassan rowhani has one
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more than 50% of the votes counted in iran. rebels urging the west to enforce a no-fly zone -- serious rebels -- serious -- syrian rebels. facebook says it has received thousands of requests for people's data from the government. until now, security officials fromd the social network revealing what information has been released, but following discussions with the national security agency, data will now be released in so-called transparency reports. we heard from a cyber security analyst earlier who told us this could increase fears about the erosion of online privacy. >> what's happening here is they have the ability to request seermation about people to
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what they are doing. i think there is some concern about this. we should not be surprised that facebook and other internet companies are working with authorities in this regard, but you also need to think more carefully about who you are communicating with, what information you are sharing publicly social networks and elsewhere. the recentnd from events in the headlines is that -- secrets themselves secret societies themselves a very bad at keeping secrets. if they cannot keep those in the top secrets secret, how good will they be at keeping our information secret as well. facebook andt facebook advertisers, but also other authorities. >> authorities are putting out the most instructive wildfires to hit colorado.
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two people have lost their lives. -- rom the ground >> give me some water! areirefighters in colorado attacking the black forest fire from all fronts. the biggest of three major fires burning in the state, in developing more than 37,000 hectors and taking two lives. the individuals were in the garage. their car doors were opened as though they were loading or grabbing last-minute things, and all indications are, from the evidence on scene, that they were planning to depart very quickly. >> the fire started two days ago. thursday night, it doubled in size. the challenge is now our historic job conditions and wind. firefighters are working to keep the burning from spreading to more populated areas. >> they are looking for hotspots and structures at are already threatened. >> already, at least 360 homes have been destroyed, and the fire is now approaching the
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outer limits of the state's second-largest city, colorado springs. roughly 30,000 people in outlying areas have already been evacuated. >> it looks like our neighborhood is already on fire, but we do not know. >> it's not the first time many residents have been forced to flee. a large canyon fire in the state last year caused similar damage and chaos. it's an emerging pattern for a once mostly rural state now struggling to protect the growing population its natural beauty attracts. people ares of fleeing violence in northern nigeria and crossing the border into neighboring niger. those figures are being disputed by the nigerian government. >> it's been several weeks since the nigerian army launched an armedive against the radical group, but the humanitarian impact of the fighting is only now beginning to be felt. thousands of nigerians are fleeing areas affected by fighting.
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withaveled to the town the highest number of refugees. these are just a few of the more than 6000 nigerian refugees who have arrived here. they have left their homes because of fighting between the nigerian army and the radical armed group responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians. she arrived on tuesday with her family. she is a civil servant from nigeria. >> they came into town and attacked the military. we heard loud gunshots and bombs exploding. we were very afraid, but we managed to get out. the situation we are facing here is very bad. some people are sleeping on the street here. we do not have any food or water. bama they are overwhelmed by the number of nigerian refugees. it is a small and poor town. you will see them running
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here. help, but there are just too many of them. >> and the numbers are increasing. these women and children fled nigeria on wednesday. the united nations refugee body says more and more refugees are arriving every single day. >> the united nations representative says the situation is extremely difficult. --we are in the four process of mobilizing our resources. as i said, this is far away. it takes three days for a truck , aarrive here, but humanitarian operation is not set up overnight. >> refugees have no idea when they will get help or how long they will have to stay. the nigerian army is determined to crush rebel forces no matter how long it takes. nigerian authorities released a statement last week dismissing
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the insistence of a refugee problem, going as far as saying one media outlet was relating an imaginary refugee crisis. the company's national emergency management authorities say they have recorded only 200 nigerians crossing the border into niger, but the united nations refugee body safe thousands. local officials we have spoken to say it is thousands, and we saw many, many families crossing the border, so it's not clear whether the nigerian authority will revise their position on whether this is a serious refugee crisis. there's a great story out of wirral south africa for you about a water pump which looks more like a playground carousel, but as the children play on it and spin around, what they are actually doing is are biding their community with clean water. have a look at the effort to across africaogy so that more girls can stay in school.
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>> they have 15 minutes to play before the next class. not only is it fun, but children playing on it means they will have water. >> you can drink, you can wash. to the match, when we come back, we wash our clothes. >> here's how it works -- while children spin on the merry-go- round, each -- clean water is pumped from underground into a water tower, but it is hard work. .> we have to push fast it is hard to push. >> this primary school has 600 students. a truck from the local council used to bring in water, but it was not enough to cook, clean, and drink.
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>> because most people depend on this for water. , and wee to school cannot chase them away, but we allow them to come after hours when the children are not in school. >> it's a problem across africa. fetching water is usually done by women and girls, and it can take hours to walk to the nearest river, and the water is not always clean. but they do have their limitations. >> it's like every other pump. you have to lift it, so it has capability. the further the system, the deeper you go, you can fix it. is this is here advertise on the water tanks. the idea is to raise enough money to have these all over
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africa. it's one way of helping children in rural communities get access to a precious resource and still have fun. 's most powerful movie stars will be there. hollywood's top guns as well. the film festival will be helping to show how the chinese filmmaking industry is fast becoming a world leader. >> there's never a shortage of moviegoers. chinese audiences on a the second largest market in the world, by box office receipts, this is the largest chain in the country. it's also now the owner of the second-largest chain in the .orld -- u.s. group amc >> chinese film production has made great progress. the public has more time and can afford to watch movies now. >> thanks to laws being relaxed in march when a new president
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assumed power, cinema goers now also have access to more imported films. i have not seen any good chinese movies lately. my favorite foreign movies are ."he hobbit" and "star trek i also liked "oblivion." the special effects were great. >> with over 3000 hectares, this is the world's biggest movie lot. it has even got an exact replica of beijing's for bid and city. mostly tocaters chinese film crews, more and more joint ventures with international companies are being undertaken here. commonlso becoming more for big-name hollywood actors to come over and appear in chinese films. chinese actors are doing the same in hollywood productions. such an exchange between the two one-time competitors could .ery well become the norm
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>> so in the future, it's not just about a few actors or a few chinese elements in a hollywood movie, but instead, you see a massive merge in the market. this is not politics. this is not culture. this is business. >> more cooperation is what many in the film industry want to see, hoping that will help improve their own domestic product and eventually allow them to play an even more important role in world cinema. >> giant, jellyfish-shaped balloons have been released into the skies above new zealand. it is part of a test by google to bridge the digital divide and get the whole planet online. the translucent balloons are sailing by on the wind. 19 kilometers above the earth.
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